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iThinkerBoard is designed specially for iPad to simplify the organization and visualization of ideas.


iThinkerBoard provides a unique way to present your ideas. Each idea is organized into a project. A project consists of nine boards, arranged in a three-by-three grid. This organization is based on a technique developed by Yasuo Matsumura of Clover Management Research in Chiba City, Japan. In his book, Thinkertoys, Micheal Michalko explains the technique in more details.


You start by placing a main topic in the center board and expand it into various sub-themes using the surrounding eight boards. The topic could be a problem or an idea. You then use each of the surrounding boards to record potential solutions or ways to improve your idea. The main benefit of this approach is that it provides a balance view of a core question or problem and its possible answers.


The original technique allows you to expand the process further by considering each sub-themes as a new topic. iThinkerBoard uses only nine boards. This is not to limit your creativity but allows you to focus on the most important things. If you have more than eight solutions, pick the best eight and put them into the surrounding boards. For each topic, six to eight thoughts would be optimum.


Each board accepts up to five images and five text messages. Again, this is not meant to be a constraint. This is to keep the board concise and manageable. 


Demo Video

New Functionalities (Work in progress):
Copy, Move and Delete Object

Select regular region of an image to import


Select a region of an image using freehand mode

Enhanced Text Input Editor

Rearrange the PDF page order

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